This mod require the main mod QDC Quantum Dis-Assembly Craft to work.

This mod has only one craftable item, the Block dispenser, which uses QDC particles to create blocks that auto generate QDC particles.

The blocks created can then be:

Merged blocks generate more particles than the blocks used to create them.

Block Dispenser

This is the main item in this mod.

Each time the block recieves a restone on signal it generates a new mod block, but only if the required particles are available for the player.


  • Quantum Reciever x2
  • Quantum Transmitter x1
  • Quantum Core x1
  • Iron Ingot x4
  • Piston x1

Generator Blocks

These blocks can only be created using a Block Dispenser.

There are 4 types of blocks with 5 tiers each:

  • Nature
  • Food
  • Metal
  • Gem


This gui can be opened by right clicking on a Block Dispenser.

It shows the amount of particles it adds on every update.